Spring Newsletter

Spring 2018


Welcome to easter everybody, we hope you enjoying this break with your family or friends!  It’s been a wet and cold couple of months, giving us some time here to think about the year ahead and get our message across to people clearly.  So, here goes my version on what we’re all about!


Now, if you were a part of the Royal Family, you’d have your trusted and loyal family photographer.


But you really don’t need to be a Royal to have a photographer you trust to capture all of life’s memorable events, without having to go in search of a differently labelled photographer each time.

Here at Instinctive, me and my extended team are purely photographers.

Whether we are shooting a walk in the park, an engagement, christening, graduation or indeed wedding, there’s one thing at the heart of everything we do. That one special ingredient is of course, you!

Forming an open and trustworthy relationship with your photographer is quite possibly the most important part if any shoot. Now, some photographers may argue that it’s not a photographers job to put people at ease.  Nor is it the photographers job to be concerned about capturing people in the best light or use landscapes and architecture to create leading lines, focal points, symmetry, framing or depth, not to mention a zillion other things.

Well, at Instinctive, we care about every element, photography is an artform, not just a snapshot.


Family photographer

family photographer by instinctiveSo at what point in your life would you consider a family photographer? Well from the start of a relationship would be a good time.


You could be planning a proposal and want to capture some memories, now I’m a romantic Pisces, if someone wanted to set up an engagement shoot in the centre of a forest, a nice bottle on a table and white linen draped around, I’d actually be all over that kind of thing. Never be afraid to dream a little, I could even arrange something at a Stately home or anything else you could dream up.


Moving on, consider the Wedding, often treated as a one day event when actually they’re anything but. From trying on dresses with your best friends to a pamper session at a country club as a hen event, could even be the boys are off to do some motorsport as stags. All great opportunities and things that I would consider a part of an overall premier Wedding package. Talking about Weddings, there’s just so much scope to think outside the box. From capturing the fun preparations on DIY venues the day before to the big day itself, you could consider photo booths to entertain guests or actually have us as photographers offer complimentary portraits for all your family and friends. Ah, but you want Videographers and multiple photographers too? Yes, no problem, we can do that inhouse too.


In fact, it doesn’t have to stop at your wedding….

You know those iconic magazine images of a bride on a beach or mountain at sunset, well it would always be a nice excuse to wear that dress again wouldn’t it. We’d love to follow every dream you could imagine and take Wedding Photography to an entirely new level.


Sound inspiring? If you know someone who’s getting hitched, let them know about us.


Life Events

picture of young girl with wings by instinctiveLife is full of events and having a family photographer on hand to call up for special moments really doesn’t need to cost the earth.

To summarise what a family photographer is for:

  •  Anniversaries
  • Capturing your arts, crafts, hobbies and lifestyle
  • Commissions of art for the home
  • Couples / kids / family portraits
  • Graduations
  • Engagements
  • Parties
  • Family gathering & events
  • Gift photo sessions for extended family and friends
  • Headshots for your professional profile
  • Images for blogs and media
  • Pets / Equestrian
  • Selling your home with professional images
  • Supporting your family business PR & Marketing
  • Weddings



instinctive selfie at belton houseWe are honoured to show you the results from working with some of the local stately homes.  In this photo you can see Jon in front of some banners about Belton House. Thank you to National Trust for allowing us in their amazing properties such as Belton.

Currently you will see work by Bouke de Vrie, which represent work inspired by war and pieces.

Why not visit the house and look back at the history and beauty of this estate.

Portrait sessions always available here too!


National Portrait Gallery Exhibition – Images featured ©National Portrait Gallery London

Museums and Galleries

Really privileged to be shooting The National Portrait Gallery exhibition at The National Trust Workhouse, Southwell.   

Faces of Change, Votes for Women.

The exhibition tells the story of the Suffragette movement and the people involved on all sides.

Fine works of art and photography adorns the walls of exhibition, there’s also plenty of written information to take you through this historic time of change.  Items featured © National Portrait Gallery, London.


Phlogger summary

close up of people holding handsFor this months message we are going to look at why Instinctive are important for your photography needs.  

This image shows you everything you need to know about Jon’s work.  The image should make you think about love and devotion to those around you.    

It should resonate your mind and think why you care so much for those special ones.   The simplest message is what the photographer dreams of, so why not book a session and wait for your moment.