Pride and Prejudice

By Jon Scrimshaw – Instinctive

This shows Belton House illuminated for the first time in years. It’s a stunning Stately home and a fine piece of Architecture.

When I was asked to cover this performance of Pride and Prejudice at Belton House with The Chapter House Theatre Company, I was aware it was a sunset to night performance.

On explaining how epic the house would look illuminated as backdrop, I was delighted the team at Belton agreed and installed the lights.

This performance really benefitted from this decision and the visitors could not stop photographing it, so great PR too.

Positioned in the darkness during an interval, I captured this image using a slow shutter to respect peoples privacy with a little blurring.

Being the photographer I am, I then assisted families in capturing their group shots on there own phones before the second performance.

Instinctive Photography are an approved National Trust Photography service.

Architecture and Light – Belton House with The Chapter house Theatre Company