Spring Newsletter

Spring 2018


Welcome to easter everybody, we hope you enjoying this break with your family or friends!  It’s been a wet and cold couple of months, giving us some time here to think about the year ahead and get our message across to people clearly.  So, here goes my version on what we’re all about!


Now, if you were a part of the Royal Family, you’d have your trusted and loyal family photographer.


But you really don’t need to be a Royal to have a photographer you trust to capture all of life’s memorable events, without having to go in search of a differently labelled photographer each time.

Here at Instinctive, me and my extended team are purely photographers.

Whether we are shooting a walk in the park, an engagement, christening, graduation or indeed wedding, there’s one thing at the heart of everything we do. That one special ingredient is of course, you!

Forming an open and trustworthy relationship with your photographer is quite possibly the most important part if any shoot. Now, some photographers may argue that it’s not a photographers job to put people at ease.  Nor is it the photographers job to be concerned about capturing people in the best light or use landscapes and architecture to create leading lines, focal points, symmetry, framing or depth, not to mention a zillion other things.

Well, at Instinctive, we care about every element, photography is an artform, not just a snapshot.


Family photographer

family photographer by instinctiveSo at what point in your life would you consider a family photographer? Well from the start of a relationship would be a good time.


You could be planning a proposal and want to capture some memories, now I’m a romantic Pisces, if someone wanted to set up an engagement shoot in the centre of a forest, a nice bottle on a table and white linen draped around, I’d actually be all over that kind of thing. Never be afraid to dream a little, I could even arrange something at a Stately home or anything else you could dream up.


Moving on, consider the Wedding, often treated as a one day event when actually they’re anything but. From trying on dresses with your best friends to a pamper session at a country club as a hen event, could even be the boys are off to do some motorsport as stags. All great opportunities and things that I would consider a part of an overall premier Wedding package. Talking about Weddings, there’s just so much scope to think outside the box. From capturing the fun preparations on DIY venues the day before to the big day itself, you could consider photo booths to entertain guests or actually have us as photographers offer complimentary portraits for all your family and friends. Ah, but you want Videographers and multiple photographers too? Yes, no problem, we can do that inhouse too.


In fact, it doesn’t have to stop at your wedding….

You know those iconic magazine images of a bride on a beach or mountain at sunset, well it would always be a nice excuse to wear that dress again wouldn’t it. We’d love to follow every dream you could imagine and take Wedding Photography to an entirely new level.


Sound inspiring? If you know someone who’s getting hitched, let them know about us.


Life Events

picture of young girl with wings by instinctiveLife is full of events and having a family photographer on hand to call up for special moments really doesn’t need to cost the earth.

To summarise what a family photographer is for:

  •  Anniversaries
  • Capturing your arts, crafts, hobbies and lifestyle
  • Commissions of art for the home
  • Couples / kids / family portraits
  • Graduations
  • Engagements
  • Parties
  • Family gathering & events
  • Gift photo sessions for extended family and friends
  • Headshots for your professional profile
  • Images for blogs and media
  • Pets / Equestrian
  • Selling your home with professional images
  • Supporting your family business PR & Marketing
  • Weddings



instinctive selfie at belton houseWe are honoured to show you the results from working with some of the local stately homes.  In this photo you can see Jon in front of some banners about Belton House. Thank you to National Trust for allowing us in their amazing properties such as Belton.

Currently you will see work by Bouke de Vrie, which represent work inspired by war and pieces.

Why not visit the house and look back at the history and beauty of this estate.

Portrait sessions always available here too!


National Portrait Gallery Exhibition – Images featured ©National Portrait Gallery London

Museums and Galleries

Really privileged to be shooting The National Portrait Gallery exhibition at The National Trust Workhouse, Southwell.   

Faces of Change, Votes for Women.

The exhibition tells the story of the Suffragette movement and the people involved on all sides.

Fine works of art and photography adorns the walls of exhibition, there’s also plenty of written information to take you through this historic time of change.  Items featured © National Portrait Gallery, London.


Phlogger summary

close up of people holding handsFor this months message we are going to look at why Instinctive are important for your photography needs.  

This image shows you everything you need to know about Jon’s work.  The image should make you think about love and devotion to those around you.    

It should resonate your mind and think why you care so much for those special ones.   The simplest message is what the photographer dreams of, so why not book a session and wait for your moment.



Heritage Photography

Deer Park
Belton House
The Fishing Lodge – Belton House

We are so proud to photograph for the likes of National Trust and Doddington Hall.

Our briefs are often ‘brief’ and we are left to our own creative devices to capture the images needed for projects, media, magazine, marketing and press release.

This work often is low light photography, never exceeding 500 lumen of cool LED light to protect fine works of art.

Flash photography is prohibited in these places and wherever possible we will only use the natural light available. NEVER using flash, however brief.

You can see many examples of our work at https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/belton-house


Artist Desk
Artist Table, Belton House
Bassetlaw Museum
Belton House, Lincolnshire
Marble Hall
instinctive selfie at belton house
The man behind the Instinctive Lens
Doddington Hall

The Workhouse
What a room, love it!
How to climb into bed, Antique style
Architectural Interiors – Doddington hall
Architecture and Light – Belton House with The Chapter house Theatre Company
The Workhouse

Winter Newsletter

Winter 2018


Welcome to the very first blog. it has been such a busy start to the year as you will see.  Hold on to your seats, here goes!


As the Rolling Stones once said, please allow me to introduce myself!  My name is the Phlogger and Jon has asked me to write on behalf of Instinctive.

You will see my name from now on in the monthly blog and future projects too.  


instinctive_charity Working with charities in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire is an important part of the Instinctive thinking and ethos.  This year we are proudly working with 12 charities from different fields such as English Heritage, mental health, handicap and bereavement.  Each month we are providing a different charity with either a free shoot for prize draws or to use for their own marketing and PR purposes.

It’s really rewarding work, charities can find it difficult to get support for prizes or marketing imagery, so it’s just nice to do our bit. Furthermore, other photographers and filmmakers are also chipping in to assist us, it creates a good vibe for everyone involved. 

It doesn’t take much to give a few hours a month, but it can make a world of difference to the recipients.


Stately homes

Working with Belton House and Doddington Hall is such a pleasure.  

Belton have involved us in shooting many of their spaces this year which are in a state of restoration and deep cleaning. Within these lay some wonderful antique’s and the ambient atmosphere behind the closed doors is almost indescribable. Belton house reopens in March and there’s a few surprises for visitors too!

Really proud to have created huge images which will adorn the house and stable block exteriors.  These will feature the arts and crafts of the creative ladies who have resided there, super talented for sure.

Doddington Hall will be welcoming many events this year, so we plan to be on hand to get those covered too.  Our Garden Photoshoots will also continue there in 2018, you can find information on visitor leaflets and posters around the Hall, or simply visit  https://doddingtonhall.com/event/garden-photoshoot-experience/


Museums and Art Galleries


During February Jon has been busy with several museums and Art Galleries across the “mid England” area.  Yes that is quite a scope, but Jon has a personal interest in this sort of field and was proud to take on the commission for this project.  It’s been a real privilege to capture these spaces, can’t believe just how different each museum can be.

What is impressive is the amount of free events and activities that are available for visitors.

Museums have come on so far, fun and interactive places for children and adults alike, overlooked by some people as a day out. Not much in life is free, these are exceptional spaces to explore, learn and discover.


The Crew

We have introduced briefly some more of the Instinctive crew earlier this month.  Our expertise now includes creative Film makers Ant and Adam and international portrait / interior photographer Alex.  

Not only that, there are other support members too, including myself Phlogger who will be writing content for Instinctive and also picking up the camera on occasion.

All members are talented in their own fields of expertise and it’s great to have them as part of the Instinctive family. It’s a great opportunity for all involved to explore new avenues, deliver multi level services to venues of all sizes.  Having a crew will provide us with more opportunities to expand our services and share our expertise.

We are always looking for new talent to come and network with us to serve our customers.



It would be really nice for you all to say happy birthday to Jon, he turns 50 this month! He’s an arty and dreamy Pisces, no surprise there.

Just remember age is the beauty of knowledge and this will not stop him being face down in the mud to get a shot!

Winter shoots

Damp days, muddy tones or monochrome, winter can be really atmospheric when captured correctly.

Pictured left, we wanted to create a Parisian feel, with timeless styling these young sisters aged 10 and 5 loved their photoshoot, when I asked them to share the umbrella handle, the eldest leant down to kiss her little sister, you can’t plan these things, they just happen, it really does make for a beautiful image of a sisters love.

It maybe the dead of winter and cold, but we are always happy to shoot outdoors, in fact, we love it!

This could be at one of our exclusive places or something more closer to home and special to you.  Just let us know your requirements, we are always happy to help.  Many people don’t actually know what they want until they see it, we like having an idea, but no fixed plan, natural results simply happen spontaneously.

Why Instinctive

The crew at Instinctive are caring and understanding about your needs and strive at providing a lasting memory or great commercial imagery.  

One of the biggest rewards for us, is the way you react to the images. Once you open up your family or work space, the rest is down to the focus of the photographer.  We feel it’s important that people have a fun experience, being natural and relaxed with your photographer really does show in the results. Yes, we hear about people having bad experiences elsewhere, grumpy and pushy photographers, people getting charged hidden extras or being held to ransom for each image. We just believe in giving people a great experience and finished product, all for the fair fee we charge.

It is meeting you and working with you that is important to us, the camera is simply our method of capturing this time together.


Video and Commercial Photography

You will start to see video footage in our work, some customers have already benefited from this as we look at ways in adding that something extra special.  Concise imagery with suitable background music, all neatly packaged together. A recent example was Jon’s work at the Bassetlaw museum.  

We’re proud to say that several businesses have benefitted from our website images so far in 2018.  We are looking to do much more film and slideshow work all delivered with your images, safely and electronically, password protected with a fantastic online print service by the superior Loxley Colour.

Hope you enjoy watching and will subscribe to the new Instinctive channel.  

Don’t forget to click on the “bell” to be emailed when new content is available.


Jon has asked me as the writer to contribute with some form of monthly message.  So let’s kick off this month and consider something really simple – the images. The work Jon has produced is superb, just look at the Facebook or Instagram feeds to see examples.  He is a professional who knows exactly what he wants from a scene. Even though the shoots are never prepared and all about you, his experience will shine through. There are some beautiful sessions with families that capture magical moments, that make you smile, cry or laugh.  Jon is very passionate about his time with you he wants to provide you with the results promptly so you can see how special your time was.

In future months we will look at a selection of work by Jon or the team and explain why they are featured in this section.  

Thanks for reading and see you next month.

Here’s a quick film clip from after a shoot at Belton House, just for fun. Enjoying signs of Spring.




The Instinctive Crew