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Summer of Imagination – Doddington Hall media and publications



















An image for magazine, press release and advertising – Doddington Hall

In this project, we provided model, styling, dress and flower crown using suppliers and customers that we have worked with, it’s great when relationships

start to build a team around your service. This was put together with a couple of days notice for press release, marketing materials and magazine publishing.

This and other images featured in leading County Magazines and publications for several months.

For press release, we’re always happy to shoot, edit and supply finished images as a same day service.

Marketing images can be stressful and time sensitive for businesses, as publishers entice businesses with fantastic discounted deals just before print runs.

We really don’t mind working to a same day service, in fact, we like the challenge.


Summer of Imagination

Child Sessions – Tap for info


Exploring – Childhood Session

At Instinctive we believe in letting kids be kids, we also encourage parents to let us capture all aspects of the Childs personality.

If a little girl for instance loves to dress up as a fairy, really do consider bringing them along to the shoot in their alter ego. Children dream of being many things when growing up, if this shows who are they right now, then why not capture these special little moments of their Childhood as it tells their life story.

If themes aren’t your Childs thing, consider timeless classic clothing with natural tones and integrating hobbies or interest, like dancing, running, climbing, making stick pictures and more. We find children photograph more naturally when left to do their own thing, no pressure of the forced smile, just let it all happen spontaneously.

Another thing to consider is the setting, we do like to take Children out into nature, so they can run, play, explore and have a real adventure, an experience which is fun, engaging and memorable. We are no strangers to letting a Child burn off some energy, in our experience we consider around 60 – 90 minutes for a Childhood session about perfect. High energy shots at the start, curious and creative shots in the middle, with tender and thoughtful shots at the end.

Many Children under the age of 2 are completely oblivious to having a photographer around, from 3 to 5 they become silly and more curious, by the time they are 6 they are little models and want to direct the shoot! Teenagers are another story, they will go from extreme to extreme, shy and retiring or showing you their swagger! We embrace all Children’s behaviours and react and respond in creative ways to engage or direct there attention as needed.


Don’t worry too much of your Child goes crazy at first, it’s exciting to be somewhere thats possibly new to them.

Don’t demand them to smile, make them laugh! It’s more fun for them to see parents being silly! A giggle is the best smile we could ever wish for!

Bring snacks and drinks. We’re amazed how hunger and thirst can kick in every 20 minutes or so, it’s no problem for them to take a break.

Bring tissues for runny noses and wet wipes for muddy faces and hands, kids having fun tend to jump in any signs of mud!

Where possible, stay behind the Photographer, stay low on the Childs eye line, don’t be surprised if we suggest you sit on the ground, so a small seat pad or blanket can be a good idea too.

Be prepared to laugh, smile or even cry during the shoot. Children can be rather remarkable, you’ll have lots of fun and be brimming with pride x